Downhill Ski Resort List

Wisco skier

Although we can't shred together this ski season, Hoofers Ski and Snowboard still wants to give you to opportunity the explore hills with your friends. Here's a list of some resorts to give you some inspiration! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook in case we drop some deals!

Out West


  • Location: Telluride, CO
  • Skiable Vertical: 4,425 ft
  • Skiable Acres: 2,000
  • % Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced: 16% / 30% / 21% / 34% expert
  • Pros: Beautiful small town Telluride, lesser known location
  • Cons: Drive there is super sketchy
  • Website
  • Lift Ticket Price: $140
  • Rental Price: $50-60 per day
  • Discount: Epic
  • Distance from Madison: 1,279 miles

Grand Targhee Resort

  • Location: Alta, WY - Opposite side of Tetons from Jackson Hole
  • Annual Average Snowfall: 500 in
  • Skiable Vertical: 2,454 ft / m
  • Skiable Acres: 2,600
  • Pros: Less people than Jackson Hole
  • Cons: Can either stay in the resort's hotel or you need to drive up from Driggs, ID
  • Website
  • Lift Ticket Price: $103 per day - Deal with Mt. Bohemia that if you alsoo have a $99 Mt. Bohemia season pass and you stay at their hotel, then you ski for free
  • Rental Price: $48
  • Discount: Epic, Ikon, Hoofers, college, etc.
  • Distance from Madison: 1,350 miles, 21 hours
Grand Targhee

Big Sky Resort

  • Location: Big Sky, MT
  • Annual Average Snowfall: 400 in @ Lone Peak
  • Skiable Vertical: 3,666 ft / m - Lone Peak's 11,166 ft elevation is the highest in the Northern Rockies
  • Skiable Acres: 5,809
  • % Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced: 18.8% / 31.3% / 50%
  • Pros: Due to the large size of Big Sky, it is uncommon to have to wait in lines at the lift. There is plenty of lodging available resulting from the construction boom that has occurred over the past 5 years. Although the average snowfall is average when compared to other resorts in the Rocky Mountains, they receive snow more consistently than other resorts increasing the odds you get dumped on.
  • Cons: Due to the remoteness of Big Sky and the small size of Bozeman’s airport traveling to the resort is harder than many other resorts in the Rockies.
  • Website
  • Lift Ticket Price: $155 per day historically
  • Rental Price: $20-$55 per day historically
  • Discount: Ikon (7 days included), The Mountain Collective (2 days included)
  • Distance from Madison: 19hr 12min (1,270 miles)
  • Tips and Tricks: Be sure to traverse over to the south side of the mountain on pow days which is serviced by the Dakota and Shedhorn lift chair to find powder stashes and fresh tracks all day long.
Big Sky Resort


Porcupine Mountains

  • Location: Carp Lake Township, Upper Peninsula, MI
  • Annual Average Snowfall: 200 in - 300 in years are common
  • Skiable Vertical: 670 ft
  • Skiable Acres: 250
  • % Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced: 25% / 40% / 35%
  • Pros: Panorama views of Lake Superior, 20 feet of lake affect pow, and no crowds
  • Cons: Pretty much the middle of nowhere; road is only plowed up to the entrance to the ski hill, not much apres available besides your group unless you stay in Ontonagon 20 minutes away, only open Friday-Monday besides December 15 to approx the first week in January they are open every day.
  • Website
  • Lift Ticket Price: $45 per day - $200 for season pass with two free days at Mt. Bohemia
  • Rental Price: $30
  • Distance from Madison: 5 hr, 295 miles
  • Tips and Tricks: Any of the glades runs will probably have fresh tracks to be found if it has snowed a significant amount in the week leading up to, some sweet cliffs off of the Jungle, primitive cabins and yurts available to rent for $68 dollars that hold 2-8 people from the DNR, Midwest backcountry opportunities to be had, ask Will who is VP Trips on the exec board and is working there this winter break, Syl’s is the cafe to hit for breakfast
Porcupine Mountains

Mt. Bohemia

  • Location: Mohawk, Upper Peninsula, MI - the most northern tip of the Upper Peninsula
  • Annual Average Snowfall: 273 in
  • Skiable Vertical: 670 ft
  • Skiable Acres: 250
  • % Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced: Intermediate & advanced (not a place for beginners)
  • Pros: Mt. Bohemia's location in the upper peninsula leads to high amounts of lake effect snow which combined with its challenging terrain and tree runs creates a skiing experience comparable to going out west without ever leaving the midwest
  • Cons: The entire resort operates with only two lift chairs which can create long wait times, especially on the weekends
  • Website
  • Lift Ticket Price: $85 - includes the daily lunch
  • Rental Price: No rentals will be available for the 2020/2021 season due to COVID-19
  • Distance from Madison: 6 hr 15 min, 366 miles
Mt Bohemia


Devil's Head Resort

  • Location: :, WI - down the road from Devil's Lake
  • Annual Average Snowfall: 70 in
  • Skiable Vertical: 500 ft
  • Skiable Acres: 300
  • % Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced: 30% / 40% / 30%
  • Pros: Not only does Devil’s Head Resort offer the highest vertical drop in Southern Wisconsin their runs are some of the longest as well. Its location in the Baraboo bluffs means it tends to get more snow than the other resorts in the area.
  • Cons: Some of the lifts are very old and therefore hold fewer people per chair and are slower than the modern speed lifts featured at other local resorts.
  • Website
  • Lift Ticket Price: $56 weekdays, $66 weekends, $16 Thursday nights ONLY
  • Rental Price: $34
  • Discount: $16 Thursday nights ONLY, Season pass $449, typically discounted tickets for $45 are available between November 27th and December 16th.
  • Distance from Madison: 47 min, 39 miles
  • Tips and Tricks: The Outer Limits are double black diamond runs that provide the steepest terrain at Devil’s Head but the lift that services them only operates on the busy weekends.
Devils Head Resort

Sunburst Winter Sports Park

  • Location: Kewaskum, WI
  • Skiable Vertical: 90 ft
  • % Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced: Beginner & Intermediate friendly!
  • Pros: Close to Milwaukee area, beginner friendly, budget friendly. Terrain park and tubing hill is awesome for its size.
  • Cons: 2 person chairlifts are slower, but the hill is relatively small so it doesn't take too long to get to top.
  • Website
  • Lift Ticket Price: $249 season pass, $25 weeknights (Tuesday-Thursday), $44 all day weekends, $33 weekend day pass
  • Rental Price: $25 day rental, $15 night rental
  • Tubing Price: $20 for 2 hours
  • Distance from Madison: 30-45 min
  • Tips and Tricks: Super uncrowded on weeknights. Known for their terrain park relative to small size and massive tubing hills. Very beginner/family friendly with lots of relatively cheap lesson options (about $50/hour-private lesson).
Sunburst Winter Sports Park

Little Switzerland

  • Location: Slinger, WI
  • Skiable Vertical: 200 ft
  • % Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced: Beginner & Intermediate friendly!
  • Pros: Has front and backside. Lodge is recently renovated, has a nice bar/restaurant/viewing area.
  • Cons: Can be crowded on weekends. Older ski lifts.
  • Website
  • Lift Ticket Price: $389 season pass (price increase after November 30th); varying daily ticket prices, ranging from $24-$44 (cheaper on weekdays).
  • Rental Price: $35
  • Distance from Madison: 30-45 min
  • Tips and Tricks: Good tree skiing and backside is fun. Relatively uncrowded on weeknights.
Little Switzerland

Christie Mountain

  • Location: Bruce, WI
  • Annual Average Snowfall: 50 in
  • Skiable Vertical: 350 ft
  • Skiable Acres: 30 runs
  • Pros: Middle of nowhere Wisconsin
  • Cons: None if you're with the right crew
  • Website
  • Distance from Madison: 4 hr
  • Tips and Tricks: Don't let the beast get you . . .
Christie Mountain