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From weekly trips to Tyrol Basin to the Jackson Hole spring break excursion, Ski and Snowboard Club members know how to take advantage of winter.

As much as 4500 years ago, some guy in Europe thought it might be a good idea to go down a hill of snow using a ski.

Here at the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard club, we applaud this stranger's idea. When we aren't fighting off fire breathing dragons or saving damsels in distress, we like to ski and snowboard. Our members enjoy trips to local hills such as Tyrol Basin as well as out west to ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and more! We love fun, snow, and all things in between! You should too!

Whether you're more comfortable on a board than your own feet or you're new to the sport, we're happy to have you in Hoofer SnS. We offer optional lessons through our partnership with Tyrol Basin, and if you're in need of some gear check out our annual winter resale! If you're an experienced skier or snowboarder looking for something more, we also offer Alpine, Freestyle, and Nordic teams that participate in a variety of competitions throughout the Midwest.

If you're ready to join us, check out our membership page for more information!

Local Trips

Weekly trips to Tyrol Basin and other nearby ski areas are back! As always you can sign up for just a lift ticket or a lift ticket and transportation. Hope to see you out at Tyrol Basin during the season!

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Club Teams

Hoofers SnS has multiple club teams for skiers and snowboarders alike that wish to take their competition to the next level or just meet new and cool people! Joining one of our teams is a great way to get more involved. Each team offers great bonding and training opportunities each week with a consistent group of other members!

Alpine Team

The UW Alpine Ski Team is a competitive ski and snowboard racing team that travels across the Midwest during January and February with team events throughout the school year. The team promotes competitive collegiate alpine racing with a strong emphasis on team and personal growth for racers of all ski levels. We welcome racers of all backgrounds of racing experience including those who have never raced before.

Nordic Team

The UW Nordic Ski team is a competitive racing team that competes across the Midwest and the annual Birke race in Hayward. The team is a great place to learn technique and become and build the strength and conditioning to enable you to become a fast ski racer.

Freestyle Team

The Freestyle team is a group of skiers and snowboarders who find their calling in the terrain park and on freestyle terrain. The team is all about riding with a bunch a great people who are just excited to be out there as you, and a great opportunity to learn and become better freestyle skier.

Alpine nationals

Diversity and Inclusion

Hoofers SnS is committed to making our environment diverse and inclusive to all members

Here is what we are doing:

  1. Offer $3,000 in grants to students of color and need-based students.
  2. Fund Big Brothers Big Sisters' annual Ski and Snowboard event to Tyrol Basin.
  3. Bring students from Meadowood Neighborhood Center school to Tyrol in the winter months to teach new skiers/snowboarders.
  4. Offer lessons at a reduced price every Friday during the winter months.
  5. Have a Hoofer Ambassadors liaison on our board and ​will work with Hoofer Ambassadors ​in fulfilling the following mission:​
    "Hoofer Ambassadors strive to make the outdoors accessible and welcoming to all. The outdoors allows us to heal and empower ourselves and each other: we are committed to providing everyone, with their many backgrounds and experiences, an opportunity to develop their own unique relationship with the outdoors. By connecting and celebrating our differences, we vow to promote allyship to each other and the Earth.", Learn more about Hoofer Ambassadors here

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